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Marcus Schoonderbeek | Brophy Knight, Chartered Accounting firm

Marcus Schoonderbeek


Meet Marcus, a seasoned accountant with a passion for navigating the financial landscapes of numerous industries. With a wealth of experience in succession planning, taxation, business development, and valuations, Marcus is your go-to expert for strategic financial guidance.

Marcus just doesn’t balance the books: he balances life’s pleasures too. Outside the office Marcus finds joy in conquering mountain bike trails, leisurely walks, savouring a cup of coffee or a single malt whiskey. Family moments are cherished, especially during overseas holidays. On a lighter note, Marcus is also a Lego enthusiast, finding creativity in assembling bricks and bringing imaginative worlds to life.

His commitment to growth, harmony, and sustainability, are values that drive his approach to business, having Marcus by your side, you not only get a dedicated accountant, and a skilled tax consultant but also a person who understands the importance of both professional expertise and life’s simple pleasures.