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Jessica Ritchie | Brophy Knight, Chartered Accounting firm

Jessica Ritchie


Meet Jess, a valuable member of our accounting team. Jess is not your typical accountant; she’s a part-time working mum, bringing a fresh perspective to the financial world. In her office, you’ll find a vibrant collection of houseplants, a testament to her love for nurturing growth. But it’s not just the greenery; Jess infuses her workspace with camaraderie, laughter, and a vibrant spirit that defies the stereotypical corporate environment.

Jess enjoys helping clients understand their financial information without jargon, in whatever stage they are in their business journey. Your business isn’t just a number to her; it’s a story she’s eager to understand.

Outside the office, Jess lets her creative flair run wild. Whether it’s art projects or home renovations, she’s always exploring new avenues for self-expression. But rest assured, she keeps the creative chaos far from her desk!