The general services we receive from Brophy Knight are excellent and always of a very high standard. When we first started in business we knew very little about taxation and developing a business so relied heavily on Brophy Knight to help us to grow. It is with their help and guidance that we have a successful business today.

A number of years ago we set up a new company and family trust. It was the help of David Fisher of Brophy Knight that made it one of the best moves we have made so far, as now the benefits of both of these entities are paying off financially.

Whenever we have a query all we have to do is pick up the phone and ask. The answer can usually be given straightaway, but if not they away get back to us promptly.

We now do our bookkeeping ourselves as we previously employed someone else to complete this for us. Brophy Knight recommended a cashbook program to use and gave us training on how to use it. We are now competent in managing this which has saved us about $10,000 per year.